Winterizing the goat yard

This is our second winter with our goats and we have greatly improved our methods in helping our furry friends have a healthy and happy (and warm) winter.

Here in Wisconsin, we can get many feet of snow and negative 20+ wind chills.  While goats shouldn’t have air tight houses, they should be free of drafts and  relatively dry.

As it goes, as of this moment, we have had very little snow, and very few days of negative temperatures.  But the potential is there.  And so, we are prepared…I hope.

Here are some pictures of what we have done:

This is our goat yard; boys on left, girls on the right. 

This is our buck yard, there is a dog kennel panel with plastic sheeting for a wind block,  plus the porch and the calf hutch.  It is also the season of love here at Dandelion Lane Homestead and Periwinkle has been mingling with her main squeeze Rueben.

This is just a different view, through the porch.  In there is the hay rack and mineral feeder.

Our doe house normally doesn’t have any door.  This is a piece of painted scrap plywood with hinges on the right and a latch on the left.  A piece of old carpeting is sandwiched with a piece of 2×4 and screwed into place.

Here is what the door looks like opened.  

This year we have heated water buckets.  They are hard wired into the box hanging on the fence.  I happened to be married to an electrician.  The reason he cut the plugs off the ends of the buckets is because otherwise he had no way of weather proofing the outlet.

For water last year, I used an old lunch cooler and carried hot water out of our house.  I didn’t like this method very much, because water was frequently spilled into the bedding in the doe house creating very hard and icy patches.  It became impossible to clean until spring….yuck.

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